Make Me Squirt

This slut wasn’t expecting you to walk in on her masturbation session, and when you find her she’s starting to get her pussy wet by vigorously rubbing on her clit. Her tits are out, and her nipples are pierced with black bars. Excited to have an audience in her greenlit cell, she pulls her thong aside and shows you her deep, wet hole. Two of her fingers slide in and out, quickly at first, but then she goes more deeply before she decides to slide her entire fist inside of herself. She moans, and you see her asshole clench with pleasure when she pulls it out. The slut smiles at you and spreads her legs further, pulling apart thick, hairless pussy lips and exposing the soft pink folds inside. “Why don’t you come over here and fuck me? I haven’t had a cock inside of me for almost an hour already!” she says sweetly, reaching for a nearby vibrator. “You could just watch, I suppose, but don’t you want to put your seed in me?” You undo your buckle and pants as she turns the toy on, rubbing it on her clit as she watches you undress. She sees your already-hard cock and licks her lips as she penetrates herself with the vibrator, gesturing for you to come over to the bed. Without hesitation you go to her, your raging penis desperate to be inside of that dark hole. She giggles, still pleasuring herself with the toy. You grab her thong and push it more out of the way before positioning yourself over her and slapping her perfectly-shaven mound with the head of your cock. Precum drips onto her silky skin, and the whore gasps as she pulls the vibrator out. Hot liquid spurts from her hole, wetting your penis as you try to stick it in. She giggles again, jerking her hips upward as you thrust powerfully. Your shaft plunges into her tight asshole, all the way up to your balls and drool flies from her lip as you fuck her ass harder than you’ve ever fucked before. She can’t stop watching as you fuck her- extreme whores like her are obsessed with watching themselves be ravaged. Her asshole wraps tightly around your shaft with each thrust, and she pulls un-gently on the bars in her nipples, stretching them and moaning with extacy. You can barely think straight as you slam your cock into the cumslut, but you reach over and grab the toy she had been using on her self. In tempo, you slide the vibrator into her willing pussy. She screams in pleasure, a common sound in the whorehouse, and her cry sends a surge through your penis and you fuck her even harder, stretching the thong as you keep it out of your way. You pull the vibrator out, feeling it pass over your shaft through the top of her ravaged rectum. She squirts everywhere, milky fluid running down her taint and into her asshole, onto the black sheets, and onto your stomach. You’re about to bust- the sight of her pussy juice splattering everywhere gave you another surge. The slut grabs her ass cheeks and pushes them together, squeezing you more tightly. You pull your cock out, feeling her grip you with all of her might and you plunge it deep into her waiting pussy. You blow your load onto her cervix, filling her with a massive amount of cum. You keep thrusting slowly, hot semen seeping out from around your shaft. More and more comes out as you slowly fuck the slut, and she sticks a finger into the jizz running down her taint and the string of her thong. She smiles at you as she licks it, and to answer her cockiness you pull out your still-cumming member and shoot the rest of your hot seed onto her pink nipples. It glistens in the green light of her cell, and you’re satisfied with the way the whore lay on her bed, covered in your semen, her ass stretched out by your thick cock. You’ll be visiting her again, for sure.​


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