Stuff Me

This cum-guzzling slut is just about to finish her shift when you walk in. She’s covered in lube and pussy juice, silky skin glistening. She knows what you’re here for and she spreads her legs, her lips spreading with a sucking noise as she pulls them apart for you to see. The soft pink of her folds have a little cum left in them from an earlier client, and the whore idly rubs herself with a finger. She seems bored, but when you undress she looks hungrily at your stiff cock and tight balls and bites her red lip. “Give it to me,” she demands, pulling even harder on the sides of her pussy, trying to invite you into her depths. “Fuck me.”

You go to her, pushing her back on the bed and grabbing her legs before sticking your tongue into her moist slit. She quivers as you play with her clit, moaning softly when you flick it just right. Her eyes are closed, feeling you work, and you reach over to her many toys. Your hand is barely able to close around the huge dildo you grab and you continue eating her out as you shove the dildo into her waiting asshole. She gasps, grabbing at your wrist as you get her wetter and wetter. The dildo is pulsing with the clenching of her anus, and you lift your head from her creamy pussy. You push the dildo in further, her moan of pleasure getting you even harder. Your cock wants to be inside of her, but you stick four fingers into her waiting vagina and slap one of her perky tits. 

You fuck her with the dildo for a moment before you can’t wait anymore and you plunge your veiny cock into her snatch. It feels so good- you almost cum then and there. You keep it together, simultaneously fucking her with the dildo and your raging cock. She can take more, and you know it. Without missing a beat, you grab another toy. It’s a big vibrating dildo, and you press the button before shoving it into her ass alongside the other one. The sight of two massive dildos in the slut’s ass gets you close to busting point, and she’s sweating and gasping as the vibrator plays with her rectum. You can feel it though the bottom of her pussy, and it feels good on your balls when you fully sheathe your cock in the whore. She’s playing with her tits, arching her back as much as she can with two enourmous dildos in her asshole. Her snatch is dripping profusely, the juice running down her taint and thong onto you and the bed. On a whim you grab one more dildo, a ridged thing with purple LEDs. She sees what you’re doing and reaches to caress that base of your cock with a finger as it sits inside of her. “That one’s my favourite,” she gasps, and without hesitation you ram it into her crowded asshole, its light illuminating the slut’s stuffed fuckholes. You’ve never seen an ass stretched so far- she is going to be blown out after this session. It doesn’t matter though- with one hand you push and pull the triad of fake cocks, and she’s screaming in pleasure. Your cock slams into her, your dickhead smashing into her cervix. You pound the cumslut as hard as you can, making her tits bounce as you watch her stomach bulge when your big dick goes all the way in. When you’re about to cum, you pull your penis out and make her squirt everywhere, the hot juice covering the dildo and your frontside. You thrust once, your cock sliding into her ass between the three dildos. You cum, the vibrating toy spitting semen from around the ridges of her hole. “Oh god,” she screams as you pull out, seed dripping from the top of your penis. One of the dildos shoots out like shit as she moves, and your cum spurts out around the other two toys. She grabs both of them and keeps fucking herself, letting you watch until she climaxes. You’re going to remember this slut- next time you’ll see just how much you can stuff into her waiting fuckholes.​


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