Raging Desire

I wanna fuck you so badly. I wanna pull your belt off when I push you against a wall and bite at your lip… When I reach into your pants I wanna feel you solid shaft as I get wet between the legs. I’ll spread them for you- I want you inside of me. Can’t you tell by the way I look at you? The way I undress you with my eyes? I touch myself to the thought of you- fuck myself with massive dildos to the thought of you. When I’m taking dicks in the ass I’m thinking of you and your cock. How badly I want you to cum inside me- fill me with your seed and breed me for life. Make me your permanent cocksleeve- fuck me whenever you desire. Lick my pussy and make me juicy- your tongue is my paradise. Fuck me in my tight asshole and make me squirt… You’re the one I dream about giving me hard, hard anal. How I wanna be your sex toy, the one you give your all.


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